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For Immediate Release - July 28, 2010

BobbleRoos® Goes "Green" with New Organic Fabrics for Toddler Pillows and Playard Sheets

BobbleRoos® is now offering organic fabric selections for several of their most popular products including toddler pillows and playard sheets.

(Press Release) – July 28, 2010 – GAITHERSBURG, MD – BobbleRoos® announced today the availability of new organic fabrics for their toddler pillow and playard sheet product lines.

"We are really excited to start offering more organic fabric choices, especially our two newest fabrics which are pink and blue - it's really difficult to find organic fabrics in nice colors and prints," said Renee Sirulnik, Owner and CEO of RS Kids, Inc. which produces the BobbleRoos® brand of products for babies and toddlers. BobbleRoos® is offering the new organic fabrics in pillowcases for their popular 12x16 toddler pillows, playard sheets, and burp cloths.

"We definitely see a trend growing with organic fabrics, especially when it comes to baby and toddler items. Parents like myself want high quality fabrics that they know are safe for their babies and kids, especially with the recent scares of tainted products coming from overseas. But 'going green' also goes beyond the fabric that is touching your baby's skin - it's also about supporting farmers that grow cotton without pesticides, which in turn means our kids grow up in a world with less pesticides in our soil and water," said Sirulnik. "Our newest organic fabrics are in light pink and a beautiful shade of blue - both are 100% cotton sateens, which has a luxurious feel - the perfect fabric for pillowcases and sheets," said Sirulnik. To find out more about organic toddler pillows, playard sheets, and burp cloths, visit BobbleRoos at

About RS Kids Inc. and BobbleRoos®
RS Kids, Inc. is a mom-owned business based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. BobbleRoos® products include toddler pillows, playard sheets, crib sheets, burp cloths, baby blankets, toddler blankets and personalized bedding products and gifts for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. BobbleRoos® products can be found online at

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